The bane called mobile mania

The bane called mobile mania

Electromagnetic radiation – this is the problem with mobile phones. These fields emitted by mobile phones are 1,000 times higher than from base stations, resulting in health effects that we need to seriously start acknowledging.

In May 2011, the World Health Organisation (WHO) classified RF radiation as ‘possible carcinogenic for humans, based on an increased risk of glioma, a type of brain cancer’. This is because radiation causes heat and when you consistently hold a mobile phone against your ear, it can overheat body tissues and cause damage.

Scientists have reported changes in brain activity, reaction times and sleep patterns due to the over use of mobile phones. Children are also at a greater risk of being affected by the radiation as their nervous systems are still in the development stage.

A group of students in the age group of 17 to 23 years from both urban and rural backgrounds were monitored for their mobile phone activity and the commonest symptoms found were headaches followed by irritability and anger, lack of concentration, poor academic performance, insomnia, anxiety, body aches, eye sores.

In adults, some of the other effects include heart issues, infertility (men), hearing impairment, eye problems, skin allergies, infections and stress. Not to mention the social disconnect and rise in road accidents.

Find out ways that can help you ease out your mobile phone usage:

Choose the right mobile phone. It’s important that we take a few minutes to understand the gadget we use. Its best to choose a model that has a low specific absorption rate, which refers to the amount of radiation absorbed by body tissues

Use a landline wherever possible
Minimise your talks – Meet in person!
Keep away from the body. Put the phone away in your purse or briefcase, not in your pocket.
Take regular eye breaks. Increase the font size and keep the screen clean.
Set some rules. Avoid mobile phones in the car, at meal times, in the washrooms, at parties or outings, from 8pm to 8am or during the weekend!
Keep the phone far away from where you sleep
Go on a mobile free holiday
Leave it at home! Give your hotel numbers to your staff or family and they will contact you if needed.