Mother’s Day 2019: 6 Bollywood Movies That Every Son Should Watch with His Mum

Image result for Mother’s Day 2019: 6 Bollywood Movies That Every Son Should Watch with His MumMother’s Day 2019 is fast approaching. The fact that mothers are one of the most important parts of our lives can be best seen in the way they have been portrayed on celluloid. From the doting to the scheming, Bollywood has always portrayed mums in myriad moods and colours. For the occasion of Mother’s Day on May 12, we take a look at six films that beautifully capture the essence of motherhood.

Mother India (1957)

A cult classic, one of the most popular cultural references to mothers is Nargis Dutt in Mother India. A remake of Mehboob Khan’s earlier film Aurat (1940), it is the story of poor village woman Radha (Nargis), who struggles to single-handedly raise her sons and survive against a cunning money-lender. A must watch on Mother’s Day.

Sanjog (1985)

Starring Jeetendra and Jaya Prada (in dual roles), the movie is a remake of the Telugu film Jeevana Jyothi (1975) and sees Jaya Prada as a woman who slips into depression and madness at the death of her husband’s nephew (a little boy whom she was very close to) and in the process, ignoring her own daughter. Years later, when her daughter learns of the truth the film reaches its climax. The sacrifice the daughter makes for her mother when she learns the truth makes the movie a must watch. A perfect watch on Mother’s Day for those who want an emotional moment with their mums.

Beta (1992)

A story of a son’s (Anil Kapoor) devotion to his stepmother (Aruna Irani), the film follows the life of a child whose biological mother dies and all he ever wants from that day forth is to feel a mother’s love. So his wealthy father remarries a woman, who turns out to be running only after his money. The movie every son should watch with his mum on Mother’s Day.

Karan Arjun (1995)

The action drama featuring Salman and Shahrukh Khan is a tale of a mother (played fittingly by Raakhee) who will not stop until her murdered sons have their vengeance. She prays to Goddess Kali to bring them back, and they are born again through divine intervention. Years later, she can be found telling anyone who will listen, “Mere Karan Arjun aayenge.” How’s that for a mother’s will? Deceit, drama, murder and intrigue, mums will love watching this movie for all the aforementioned reasons.

Paa (2009)

Vidya Balan personifies the role of a strong single mother who lovingly nurtured her son, Auro, after discovering he had a genetic disorder called progeria that was causing him to age prematurely. Enjoy an evening with your mum this Mother’s Day to watch this poignant portrayal.

Mom (2017)

The 2017 crime thriller, Sridevi’s last film before her untimely demise, saw her essay the role of a mother-turned-vigilante who sets out to exact revenge against the men who had raped her step-daughter and left her for dead. Show your mum this film on Mother’s Day to celebrate the fact that mum’s will do anything for their children.