In the age of social media, teens realize they should be careful

Image result for In the age of social media, teens realize they should be carefulMONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) – In the digital age, students are realizing they need to be careful of what they post.

“It’s scary being able to pull up everything from your past. Especially with social media and growing up with it,” said Coleman Turnipsee, with the YMCA Youth Legislature.

Hundreds of high school students came to the Alabama State House as part of the YMCA Youth Legislature. Several worked as lawmakers and learned how to lobby, propose bills, and work in state government.

“This program has really changed my high school career. It’s given me so many opportunities to learn about new things. Speak about new things,” said Jared Schaffer, the Youth Legislature governor.

These students have aspirations to be anything from a graphic designer to a lawmaker. Many noted the importance of caution with what they post.

“Always think twice about what you post. I’ve always said that since being on social media,” said Richard Keith, a student with the YMCA program.

70 percent of future employers look at someone’s social media when considering whether to hire them, according to Career Builder.

“With all of the events in national politics and on the news and stuff like that, people, I think, around the country, and maybe around the world, are starting to maybe think twice about what they post on social media,” said Keith.

The federal government says 94 percent of students go online daily.

“Social media can really put a defect on whether you can succeed in your career,” Shaffer said.