Happy Birthday Akshay Kumar: The Gold Actor’s Diet And Fitness Mantra Is Simple, But Tough To Follow!

Happy Birthday Akshay Kumar: The Gold Actor's Diet And Fitness Mantra Is Simple, But Tough To Follow!

Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar is celebrating his 51st birthday today and may we will just go ahead and say it – the man doesn’t look a day older than 35 years! Akshay, who won hearts and captured the top spot at the box office with his latest release Gold, is known for his austere diet and strict fitness regime. It’s common knowledge that Akshay was a martial arts expert, even before he entered Bollywood, and his relationship with fitness is still going strong. His superbly toned physique and still youthful looks aside, Akshay Kumar has a very holistic approach towards fitness. He was perhaps the only Bollywood star among his contemporaries who performed his own stunts in several films. As such, he is a fitness icon and an idol to millions of Indians across the globe. But, his fitness mantra is impossibly simple – a good night’s sleep, a clean and healthy diet, and a disciplined workout routine.

On the occasion of the charming Akshay Kumar’s 51st birthday, let’s look at his diet and fitness routine in detail.

Akshay Kumar’s Diet

Would you believe it if we said Akshay Kumar doesn’t diet? Well, that’s what the actor has admitted time and time again and yes, it’s still possible to look the way the fit actor does, even without dieting. Akshay Kumar believes in eating everything, but he eats his meals at the right time. The actor is known to finish his dinner before 7 pm every day! Moreover, he never indulges in any ‘vices’, including alcohol, cigarettes or even caffeine! Yes, you read that right – Akshay Kumar has been known to keep away from even tea and coffee. His reason for being so careful with what he consumed is simple – “If you smoke or drink, you will not have the stamina to workout,” Akshay had said in an interview with a popular English daily.

Akshay Kumar believes in following a balanced diet and his love for home-cooked food is the stuff of legends. “Whatever your mother makes at home is the best,” believes Akshay, who is a firm believer in the magical properties of a glass of haldi doodh (turmeric milk) for a good immunity and honey with warm water to remedy a sore throat. Here’s what a typical Akshay Kumar meal plan looks like – Milk and paratha for breakfast; followed by a snack of fruits and nuts, lentils with brown rice and veggies or lean meat for lunch, and soup and sautéed vegetables for dinner. But, it’s not easy even for Akshay Kumar to stave off hunger pangs post dinner, but he tides over those by eating an egg white omelette or anything similarly easy to digest.

Akshay Kumar’s Fitness Routine

Akshay Kumar maybe obsessed with fitness, but he claims to have never been obsessed with just building abs. He loves kick-boxing and shadow-boxing, as well as yoga for a strong mind and flexible body. He also enjoys playing basketball and trekking. He regularly posts himself taking part in some form of an outdoor physical activity, whether it is playing volleyball on Juhu beach or swimming during summers. He also prompts his fans and followers to sweat it out on the weekends. Clearly there’s no off day for the ‘khiladi’!